Rikvip Can’t Miss Promotion For Player Bets

nhà cái rikvip promotions always receive a lot of compliments from fans of betting games at this bookie. Not only bring customers great benefits, but also quickly help you increase your bet capital. Read on to find out more about this special offer here.

1.Extreme Rikvip promotion for members

Currently, the Rikvip bookie has a strong foothold in the hearts of fans not only because of the huge game treasure but also offers countless other valuable incentives. Here is a summary of some Rikvip promotions that beginners cannot ignore.

1.1Register an account to receive instant rewards

One of the hottest offers cannot be without this bonus. Members will receive 100,000 VND immediately upon successful registration of an account at this bookie. This is an extremely useful bonus for newbies to be able to participate in the betting experience here.

This promotion is only applicable for 1 account with 1 IP address. In order to welcome new members to join this playground and those who already have an account will not be able to receive the offer anymore.

The condition to receive the bonus at this promotion is that the player needs to successfully register to become a member of the Rikvip house. Next, players can choose to register to receive rewards. Those who commit fraud to profit from the house’s incentives will be searched and severely punished.

It is because of these Rikvip promotions that the number of players joining this house has increased and shows no sign of decline. The record can be up to 200,000 participants a day.

Instantly receive 100,000 VND Rikvip promotion when successfully registering an account

1.2 Get 150% of the value for the first deposit

To encourage new members to actively participate in betting, this playground has launched an extremely attractive promotion that is a hot bonus of 150% of the amount for the first deposit of gamers.

The bonus amount can be up to a maximum of 5,000,000 VND and applies to all betting products such as sports, lottery, slot games, exploding jars, etc. Of course, this bonus also only applies to the first deposit of an account. Therefore, you should consider it to get the best benefit for yourself.

To be able to successfully withdraw this bonus to your bank account, players need to make a minimum of 28 betting rounds. After betting the specified number of times, the customer can fully process the reward of this Rikvip promotion.

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1.3 Bonus for second deposit from 20 – 40%

Besides the super attractive first deposit offer, customers can also continue to hunt for extremely hot Rikvip promotions for their second recharge. With a maximum bonus of up to VND 20,000,000, customers can completely consider depositing enough money to receive a big bonus.

The condition to receive this offer is that the account belongs to a new member and this is his 2nd deposit. This bonus amount is applied in many games appearing in the house such as number games, sports betting, exploding jars, keno, …

When making 14 rounds of betting, players can freely withdraw the bonus to their bank account. Note that if the customer cannot complete the minimum number of betting rounds within a period of 30 days, the system will automatically reset the bonus amount to 0 VND.

Rikvip Cant Miss Promotion For Player Bets2

Huge Rikvip promotion for players’ second deposit

2.Advantages of participating in Rikvip house promotions

There are many people wondering why you should choose this playground to receive offers and betting experiences, then here are some advantages not to be missed at the Rikvip bookie that you need to know:

Receive bonuses to experience a huge treasure trove of games, allowing players to freely choose based on their preferences and betting experience.

Always offer extremely attractive Rikvip promotions for players. It is these incentives that help bettors quickly increase their bet capital and easily receive large rewards in their hands.

Extremely high security never to leak any customer information or important personal data. So even if you maintain your bets to win bonus content, you don’t need to worry about information disclosure..

Fast and convenient deposit and withdrawal operations because this playground always provides the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods for customers. So you can comfortably receive promotions and redeem rewards quickly.

Beautiful graphics, vivid sound is a big plus for this betting playground. With a scientifically arranged interface, it can help bettors easily manipulate and find the offers they want to participate in.

Rikvip Cant Miss Promotion For Player Bets3

The extremely attractive Rikvip promotion advantage of the bookie that bettors cannot ignore

So above is all the information related to Rikvip promotion that you should refer to. Based on this article, you can help you understand the preferential information as well as the advantages that this bookie brings to customers.

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