Jun88 – Asia’s Leading Prestigious Online Betting House

Jun88 is a quality bookie with a huge number of members. This number is still on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. And what has this prestigious playground done to always maintain its position, as well as the love that customers give it. Follow the article about the advantages of this house below to get the answer for yourself!

7 outstanding strengths that make up the Jun88 brand

Bookmaker Jun88is the first choice of brothers in the profession. The reason why they are so loved and trusted is because:

Jun88 legal activity

The Jun88 online bookie has received a license to operate in the field of online betting from the British Isle of Man organization. This is one of the most powerful licenses; You have to go through a lot of strict censorship to get it. This proves that Jun88 is an extremely quality and safe bookie.

Jun88 – a reputable and quality bookie from the Philippines

Besides, the headquarters of this game portal is not in Vietnam but is located at Eton Centris Philippines. Therefore, you can safely participate without fear of violating Vietnamese law.

Jun88Offers very attractive football bets

The bookie’s football bets are extremely diverse and constantly updated. You can choose the style of play that best suits your strengths such as: SABA,cmd368, SBOBET , BTI…

Jun88 always offers good bets and is extremely competitive compared to other bookmakers on the market. In addition, the house’s expert team will also assist players in analyzing and making the most accurate choice.

Jun88There are countless betting products for you to choose from

The number of betting halls of this betting playground can meet all the needs of bettors. Some famous betting halls here can be mentioned as:

  • Football bets
  • Online lotto
  • Lucky draw
  • Casino
  • Bonus game
  • Keno, Number game…
  • Screenshot 2 1

The games are always updated by the house to avoid boredom

Jun88 Professional customer care

All members of the house are very satisfied with the customer service of the house. When having problems, customers can quickly contact support in many ways such as: live chat, hotline, zalo, messenger…

The team of consultants working 24/7 including holidays will help players solve the problem in just 2 minutes. In addition, this team has undergone professional training courses. Therefore, customers will receive specific and accurate answers to their questions.

Jun88 Always respect the privacy of customers’ personal information

The privacy of customers’ information is always paid special attention by the house. Therefore, all registration information, customer participation history is kept confidential. With multi-layer security system; Jun88 commits not to leak customer information in any form.

Xem: lô đề jun88

Jun88Offers a lot of attractive promotions

Huge promotions are also a way for this game portal to encourage players to participate. Whether you are a novice, or a veteran; The house all have gifts that are commensurate with great value.

Jun88 support quick payment by many methods

To help players make the fastest transactions, the house is applying many safe payment methods such as: Bank transfer, Code.Play, Five Pay, Phone scratch card, Momo e-wallet, Bitcoin, Ethereum,…

The time for each transaction at Jun88 is only 7-10 minutes, so it is very fast, safe and convenient.

4 super simple steps to become a member of Jun88

Do you want to become an official member of the house? As long as you are 18 years old and follow the following 4 steps, you can complete the registration application.

Screenshot 3 1

Follow these 4 simple steps to become our member

Step 1: Visit Jun88’s official website and select “Register” on the screen.

Step 2: You will be redirected to a new interface with an information registration form. What you need to do is to fill in all the information in the Form completely and accurately. Include:

  • Username: This is the name displayed during the time you are with the house.
  • Password: Used to log in and increase the security of the account.
  • Full name of player: Full name according to ID card or CCCD for convenience in future translation.
  • Email address: The house will send announcements and promotions to this address.
  • Phone number: For easy contact and account verification

Step 3: You tick the box below to confirm that you are 18 years old and accept all the conditions, betting rules … set by the house.

Step 4: Check the information entered and “Register” to complete the account creation.

With just 4 simple steps, you have become an official member of Jun88 and are ready to explore the huge game store here:


We hope that the above sharing will help you understand more about the Jun88 bookie. At the same time, get yourself an extremely high-quality bookmaker choice. Register to become a member of This reputable bookmakerSign up today to get some awesome welcome bonuses!

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