What is a corner kick games? The most effective way to play corner kicks

The corner kick bet is certainly a type of bet that is no longer unfamiliar to many of you here. This is a very popular type of bet besides other types of bets such as: European odds, Asian odds or over/under bets. If you still do not understand this type of bet? Or have you never heard of this type of bet? In this article, I will guide you how to play corner kicks.
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What is a corner kick bet?

Corners, also known in English as Corners, is a type of side bet for players when betting on soccer. This is a quite interesting type of bet and brings attraction to players, along with many attractive payout rates.

When betting on corner kicks, you do not need to care about which team wins or loses, nor do you need to care about the total number of goals scored. The thing you need to pay most attention to is the total number of corners taken in a football match.

It can be seen that the rules of corner kick betting are quite simple and anyone can participate in the game. And this is considered a type of bet with a high payout rate because of its unpredictability.

Currently, there are many bookmakers that allow players to bet on corner kicks, and this is also the type of bet that many people like today.

Popular types of corner kick bets

You can choose from many different forms of betting. Because bookmakers, in order to meet players’ choices, have launched many different forms of corner kick betting. Such as: betting on the team that takes the first corner, handicap betting on corner kicks, betting on the total number of corners taken in a match,…

Or in addition, to shorten the time waiting for results, you can participate in betting on corner kicks in the first half, extra time, etc. In general, there are many types of corner bets for you to try. And each type of bet will have a different payout rate, you need to keep this in mind.

How to play corner kicks

To play corner kicks well or grasp good methods to bring victory to yourself, you need to grasp the methods that the experts at Kèo nhà cái summarized below:

Choose the appropriate corner kick type

Because as I said above there are many different types of corner kicks. So please consider carefully to choose which type of bet is right for you. And from there it is easy to make accurate judgments.
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Analyze the playing style of the two teams

This is an extremely important factor. Because the way the teams play will determine whether or not corner kicks appear. For example, for teams that attack on both sides and spread to the wings, crosses will be launched more often. From there, the opposing defender has to send people out to block it, which can easily lead to corner kicks, or in a match that is too lopsided, the stronger team will be able to create more corner kicks,…

Review corner kick statistics of matches

You can rely on statistics from previous matches to know whether that team takes many corner kick situations or not. Because it can be said that this is their habit and their forte. If the team has good aerial ability, corner kicks are their favorite. That team will do everything to find corner kicks.

Follow the match live

This is very necessary for those who play corner kicks in the second half or extra time. Because the time when corner kicks often occur is at the end of the match. Winning teams will tend to buy time by sending the ball to either side of the opponent’s flagpole and continuously fishing for corners to slow down the pace of the match. And conversely, if they lose, they will push the team higher to attack and more corner kicks will appear.


Above is information about the article on how to play corner kicks and information aboutTips to avoid house traps Helps players make the most accurate choice. Hopefully after reading this article, you will have more knowledge to bet, and bring many victories for yourself.

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