How to identify  New88 chicken scales simply and accurately

New 88 cockfighting chicken scales are a unique and rare type of fighting cock scales on the market, sought after and desired by many cockfighters. Why? Because of the chicken scales of the chicken gods New88 Not only does it bring unique beauty to the chickens, but it also shows their spirit and spirit. Chickens with beautiful  New88 chicken scales often have good, unique, unpredictable and extremely dangerous fighting styles, causing opponents to be shy and give in first. So what are  New88 chicken scales? What are the characteristics that help you easily identify  New88 chicken scales? We invite you to follow AD to find out!

What are  New88 chicken scales?

 New88 chicken scales are a special type of fighting cock scales, with a different shape and position than regular chicken scales.  New88 chicken scales are said to bring strength, spirit and spirit to fighting cocks, helping them have good, unique and unpredictable fighting styles.

In particular,  New88 magic chicken scales are also a famous brand in the fighting cockfighting world, sought after and desired by many cockfighters.

In short, there are many different types of  New88 chicken scales, depending on the shape, size and location of the scales on the chicken’s feet.

Characteristics that help easily identify  New88 chicken scales

To identify  New88 chicken scales, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics.

Location:  New88 cockroach scales are usually located at the highest position of the chicken’s leg, close to the knee or in the wall or sarcophagus.

Size:  New88 chicken scales are usually larger than normal scales, forming a large patch covering the chicken’s legs.

Shape: Chicken scales at  New88 have a variety of shapes, which can be rectangular, diamond-shaped, triangular, round, oval, star-shaped, flower-shaped, rolling-shaped, triangle-shaped, flower-shaped, poisonous armor shape, purple spirit armor shape.

Color:  New88 cockroach scales have a variety of colors, which can be white, black, yellow, red, blue, purple, pink, etc. However, the color does not determine the strength of the scales, but depends on the shape and location of the scales.

These are some characteristics that help you easily identify  New88 chicken scales. However, you also need to note that not all chickens with  New88 chicken scales are good fighting chickens, but you must also consider other factors such as beaks, spurs, feathers, crows, kicks, etc.

In addition, you also need to know how to distinguish  New88 chicken scales from other types of scales such as ground scales, natural scales, and regular fighting cock scales.

Some types of  New88 chicken scales are famous in the fighting cock world

Some famous and rare  New88 chicken scales in the fighting cockfighting world are:

Scale problem

The first is the handle scale, which is a large scale, located close to the knee and at the highest position of the chicken’s leg. Chickens with rolled scales often have good endurance, the ability to dodge attacks and attack accurately.

Three-talented scales

Next, this is a type of scale with three small scales attached together, located in the wall or sarcophagus. Chickens with three-talented scales often have a vicious and extremely dangerous attack.

Scales inside the flower lantern

This scale is a type of scale with a row of scales from the toe straight up to the spur, located in the inner row. Chicken breeds with internal scales often have the talent to break the enemy’s attack and unleash an extremely powerful combo of kicks.
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Thyrotoxic scales

Thyrotoxic scales are large scales, much larger than normal scales. If this scale is located close to the spur, it is good, but if it is located in another position, it is normal.

Dead spirit armor scales

Finally, it is the hyacinth scale, this is the type of scale that has one large scale, located in the inner row and opens its mouth to hold a small scale. This type of scale is only available to chickens. Chickens with scales often make vicious moves in the final moves


So we have learned about chicken scales New88 a unique and rare type of fighting cock scales on the market.  New88 chicken scales not only bring unique beauty to the chickens, but also show their spirit and spirit. Hopefully this article has provided you with useful information about  New88 chicken scales!

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