Poker HI88 – How to play and “golden” experience for beginners

HI88 poker is one of the outstanding items in the casino card game complex. This is a game that is not too complicated, just play cards in a predetermined order. Mastering the rules of the game and effective playing tips will definitely bet players will have a chance to win big. Let’s learn more about this game with Hi88Club in the following article!

Overview of Poker HI88

Poker or Texas Hold’em, Poker, Poker, Poker. This is a genre originating from European countries that is popular at betting playgrounds including HI88. Similar to other card games, Poker uses a 52-card deck with 4 types of Co, Ro, Bich, and Tep.

Overview of Poker HI88

Unlike other genres, this game does not distinguish big or small through the substances and through the large and small value of the cards that are pre-determined. Besides Poker, bettors also need to prepare Poker chips. Each chip has different denominations for betting manipulation.

How to play Poker HI88

How to playPoker very simple. Even first-timers can get into the game after just a few initial bets:


How to play Poker HI88


Participating bettors HI88 poker You can choose between 9 or 6 or 2 players. The table usually has a D-shaped symbol (Dealer). This will be transferred from one member to another in clockwise order. The system will also base on this symbol to locate the user on the betting table.

The rules of the Poker game are very easy to understand. Participants will be dealt 2 cards. The community cards will be turned over by the Dealer after each round. Next, the bettor will proceed to place a bet based on personal calculation as well as the actual card he has. In the final round, the winner bet will be the player standing last and owning the highest card.

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How to play Poker HI88

A game of cards Poker at HI88 There will be 4 main betting rounds:

  • Round 1 – Pre-flop: This is the warm-up game, each player receives 2 cards from the Dealer. The first player will be the one to the left of the dealer. Next is the person sitting to the left of the first bettor. The required bet amount is double the first player. In this round, the remaining members can only choose to bet, discard, raise, follow cards or check cards.
  • Round 2 – Flop: When the first game is over, the member who joins the hand HI88 poker will see and own 3 cards that the dealer chooses to place.
  • Round 3 – Turn: The member continues to receive the 4th community card, owning 5 stronger cards from the original 2 cards along with 4 community cards.
  • Round 4 – River: The last game, the participant will receive the 5th community card. The member uses the 2 cards initially dealt along with the 5 community cards to choose for themselves the strongest deck also known as the round. flip the cards. Thereby, determining the player with the strongest deck will also win the game.

Experience playing Poker HI88

Poker is considered to have a high risk factor. However, this factor is not the main factor. You need to have good calculation skills, build effective tactics to have a chance to win big. Some good experiences from the masters you can learn are:


Experience playing Poker HI88

Choose a Poker Door

A useful advice for poker players is not to choose a table with a high SB/BB. Initially, it is best to choose a small table. This table is usually quite comfortable, not pressure like a professional table. When your mind is stable, you will have a high chance of winning.

Call when the card has a high Raise ability

When playing HI88 poker It will be difficult for bettors to judge whether the opponent is strong or weak. Therefore, calling is always an optimal choice if the hand is strong enough to Raise. In this situation, you need to make sure you have capital on hand. However, you need to know how to lift quickly to finish quickly. Or focus on giving all your strength before the opponent has a strong combo.

No regrets AA

In Poker, the A is considered the strongest card. If you are lucky to own a pair of AA, your chances of winning are great. However, it should not be subjective because this will be a challenge for gamers.

If playing cards HI88 poker but can’t use AA pair, accept to lose AA to save. Otherwise in some cases the participant not only loses the AA, but also loses a lot of the bet.

Mental stability at all times when playing cards

Always stay focused during Poker rounds. Pay attention to the opponent’s moves and moves. Thereby, grasp the opponent is missing cards. The more information you have, the greater your chances of winning.

Thus, the above article has been updated for members to understand HI88 poker and how to play this game. Hope this information is really useful for bettors when learning about this game. Visit HI88 to not miss exciting betting moments every day!

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