Why Hospitality Industry Need Classic Calacatta Quartz?

As summer approaches, the hotel will host more outdoor events, including outdoor weddings and photo sessions. If planning an event in a hotel forecourt or even a swimming pool, it is crucial to consider how your guests will be affected. In this article, we’ll look at a few reasons why Classic Calacatta Quartz is the best choice for any hotel.

A form of quartz recognized for its exquisite patterns and hues is the classic Calacatta quartz slab. It is frequently utilized in ornamental goods like statues and jewelry.

Calacatta quartz stone advantages

  1. The natural stone Calacatta Quartz is prized for its exquisite hues and distinctive patterns.
  2. It is the ideal material for hotels and other hospitality facilities due to its extremely strong resistance to water and stains.
  3. It is a hard stone that resists deterioration and can survive for many years.
  4. Because Classic Calacatta Quartz is a natural stone and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals, it’s also environmentally beneficial.

What advantages do the classic calacatta quartz slabs offer to hospitality industry?

  1. The natural stone Calacatta Quartz is prized for its exquisite hues and patterns. Its distinctive appearance will make your hotel stand out from the competition.
  2. Calacatta Quartz is extremely durable against stains and scratches. This indicates that it won’t require any care for years and will continue to look brand new.
  3. It provides vitality and vibrancy naturally. It can contribute to the development of a welcoming environment in your hotel and raise the spirits of both workers and visitors.


Classic calacatta quartz is the perfect material for the hospitality industry. It has many advantages and can enhance the user experience! Also, feel free to contact us or visit BITTO’s website, we can provide custom solutions to create your unique project.

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