What’s the Best Place to Play Bingo Online? 

Calling all bingo enthusiasts! 

Who doesn’t love a good game of Bingo? The beauty of the new AviaGames’ mobile game Bingo Tour is that players get to test their bingo skills AND win real money at the same time! Players get to go up against other real players in free cash tournaments. Then, they can securely withdraw their winnings whenever it is convenient for them!

Bingo Has Never Been More Fun

AviaGames launched its latest mobile game- BingoTour on iOS, and it will come soon on the Samsung galaxy store. Bingo enthusiasts and fans can enjoy playing virtual bingo against four other players at a time. This skill-based game is a great option to test if players are really as good as they think! Over time, they can amass a nice lump sum in winnings and withdraw using a secure payment portal like PayPal. 

How Does It Work?

Players simply sign up and then are able to choose if they would like to participate in a free cash tournament. When they begin the tournament, they are paired with four other players based on skill. Each round lasts two minutes and allows them to rack up points. Whoever scores the highest wins. Prizes in the form of tickets are awarded to first, second, and third place winners.

These tickets can be used to continue playing in free cash tournaments. The more a player participates in tournaments, the more likely they are to win real cash prizes. On top of that, AviaGames provides a seamless game experience without any ad interruptions. This creates a welcoming gaming experience for all players. 

Bingo Tour also offers a variety of different ways players can earn Tickets, so you won’t ever have to worry about running out. Players can win daily prizes and take a chance at the Lucky Box, which awards players three times a day.

Players can participate in different free cash tournaments with different cash pools. Prize pools start at $5 and go up to $55. Players can quickly collect a larger amount of cash by winning real money from playing Bingo Tour. Once they decide to withdraw, they can do this securely via participating payment systems like Paypal, Visa, Apple Pay, and more. 

Bright, Fun & Addicting

Bingo Tour is like all AviaGames legitimate cash games: high quality, no ads, and always secure. The game also provides exciting animated designs to keep players entertained and visually engaged. Players never get bored and can easily play this game for hours on end. Once they start, they won’t want to stop! 

Bingo Tour – An Opportunity to Test How Good A Player’s Bingo Skills Are

Expert bingo players will delight in this skill-based mobile game by AviaGames. Bingo Tour offers players to be matched with others based on the same skill level. They then can compete for first place in order to win tickets which they can use to later participate in free cash tournaments. 

At these free cash tournaments, players can win real money. This can be securely withdrawn via Paypal, Apple Pay, Visa, and other participating payment systems. Not only is Bingo Tour a fun way for players to test their own skill, it’s also an opportunity to show who’s best and get paid for doing it! 

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