What is the over/under Games and which Playing is easy to win?

Over/under oddsi is a term commonly used in soccer betting today. These odds will correspond to different strong and weak teams in the match. So specifically, what is the upper bet and what is the lower bet? How to recognize over and under bet How come? Let’s find out all these issues with New88 through the following article!

Learn what the concept of over/under is?

This is the handicap of the two teams playing on the field. Based on that, bookmakers evaluate and give players options to place bets. So over and under bet What is that? Specifically as follows:
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What is the upper bet? This is a term that refers to strong teams throughout the match. This team has stable performance, high quality players and is considered to score many goals in the match. Thanks to these characteristics, this team’s match winning rate is much higher. Strong teams are marked in red and placed in a table above.

What is the underdog? In contrast to the upper odds, the lower odds refer to teams with poor performance and lack of stability, new players and are almost considered very unlikely to score. The underdog is usually handicapped and refers to the teams at the bottom. In the odds table, the underdog bet is marked in grey, blue or black and placed below the upper bet.

These concepts are included by bookmakers New88 set out to make the rules of the game easier for players. Then, players can more easily imagine how to play. This term is used in soccer betting with different handicaps. Therefore, you must carefully learn the rules of play in these bets.

How to recognize the over/under odds when betting?

After studying and knowing the concepts over and under bet, the important job is to recognize which is the upper bet and which is the lower bet to bet correctly. Reality over and under bet will depend largely on the Odds ratio. With the experience of players, recognizing the upper bet is quite easy. But if you are a beginner, you will have to learn this issue carefully.

For those who love football and are passionate fans of the king sport, you will certainly have a more objective view and assessment. These assessments can be about the performance as well as the strength of the teams. This perspective can help you win big deals. So, for beginners, please carefully study the competition history and evaluate the teams properly.

Sometimes the determination over and under bet It will also not be accurate if you choose a fraudulent bookmaker. At that time, determining your strength or expertise no matter how good you are will only add money for the house to win. Therefore, choose the right place to deposit your gold, put your trust in bookmakers with clear and reputable information to avoid losing money unfairly.

When betting on over/under, what handicaps are there?

Reality, over and under bet often gets a lot of attention. Therefore, bookmakers often have quite detailed reviews. There are some odds that you often encounter when playing as follows:

Handicap ratio 3/4

The 3/4 handicap often appears in small matches and not many people know about it, then the upper handicap team will have to handicap the lower handicap team by 0.75 points. In case the team with the upper bet wins at least 2 goals, the person who placed the upper bet will win. If the team with the upper bet scores less than 2 goals, the person who placed the upper bet loses. But, in case the underdog wins or draws, the underdog wins.
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Handicap ratio 1/2

This ratio often appears in big matches and attracts many participants. The odds of these handicaps are very easy to win for bettors. If you place the upper bet, you will have to accept half the left for the lower bet team. Therefore, the team at the bottom will be given 0.5 points before starting the match. If the score is tied, the underdog wins the entire bet. In these bets, if you evaluate your strength correctly, you will have a high chance of winning.

Handicap 1 goal

The 1-goal handicap often appears in football matches where the teams have a huge difference. This bet often has odds that make it quite difficult for the bettor to win. But when you win, there will be a big reward. The team with the higher odds must win by 2 goals or more to be considered a winner. At that time, the person who placed the upper bet will be considered the winner and vice versa.


Through the above article by New88 sports Hope it has helped you answer your questions over and under betWhat is it and how to identify the upper and lower odds. This is one of the popular forms of betting that bookmakers offer with quite diverse odds. The playing method is simple, but you need to consider carefully before placing a bet. Good luck!

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