Should I Buy a Life Vest for My Swimming Pup?

Some pet parents may sideline life vests, calling them not-so-important swimming accessories; however, these items can do a world of good even if their pupper is a swimming pro. Dogs that love to spend most of their time wading in the pools, lakes, or oceans need a life jacket to protect themselves from unanticipated weather changes or extreme weather.

Puppy parents must focus on shielding their furry friends against uncalled-for water dangers by supporting them with essential swimming gear. Also, puppy owners can consider purchasing dog insurance to provide their fur companions superior medical care at economical costs during accidents, allergies, injuries, pet health emergencies, etc.

A cheap pet insurance plan can cover a dog’s basic health needs. In contrast, the best pet insurance plan provides broader health coverage that includes specific illnesses, dental issues, and much more. Contemplate the puppy’s health needs, benefits of various policies, and economics involved before signing up for a puppy insurance policy.

Take your time to figure out the most suitable puppy insurance for your fur baby; however, read this article to understand why your pup must wear a life vest and how to select the right one.

Why should your puppy wear a life vest?

Technically, a life vest is worn over the chest and has padded components that ensure buoyancy, helping your pup stay afloat when in water.

Puppies can get scared when pulled into strong waves, or there can be moments in water when they feel exhausted or are startled by the harsh weather. Life vests can help fur babies return to the water surface and take reviving breaths in these scenarios and other dangerous situations. In short, life vests can save fur lives just like human lives.

Also, if a pup belongs to a dog breed that isn’t known for swimming, loves to spend time on boats or the docks, ventures out to the deep waters, and plays near water currents, it is always best to have them securely strapped in a life vest. So, instead of questioning a life vest’s purpose, consider it an accessory that can give a puppy another lease on life.

How to select the right life vest for your puppy?

While the brand, style, pattern, and color can be your personal choice, check if the life vest has the below-mentioned features before paying for it.

1.Vest size

Before you head to the shop, check your dog’s weight and chest size so you can quickly pick a vest. Allow your fur baby a trial to examine the fit. Your puppy must be able to breathe, stroll, run, jump, and leap with little discomfort when they have put on the life jacket.

2.Reflective tapes

Colors, patterns, and reflective tapes ensure visibility (especially at night) when your pup gets busy in the water. Also, they help in spotting a pup quickly during rescue operations.

3.D-ring, grab handles

This swimming accessory should have a D-shaped ring to which you can attach a leash and grab handles that aid during pup rescue missions.

4.Sturdy buckles

These are usually adjustable and assist in achieving a proper fit. This feature securely locks the life vest and helps it remain in place.

Along with a life vest, it would be best if you bought a neck float for your puppy eager to swim. Even with all the preparedness, sometimes water-related tragedies can be unavoidable. Dog insurance can help you support your puppy with diagnosis and treatment during unanticipated medical emergencies. The best pet insurance can help you manage your pupper’s vet bills with little financial stress. Consider purchasing a pet policy in the best health interests of your fur companion.

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