Reign of the Supermen Movie Review

If you are a fan of superhero movies, then you may be interested in seeing Reign of the Supermen. The film stars Jerry O’Connell, Rain Wilson, and Rebecca Romijn. It follows the events of 1978, which saw the death of Superman. Now, the Justice League is ready to join the fight against Darkseid, and they agree to go to Apokolips to stop the war. Nevertheless, a new threat arises: Lex Luthor.

Cyborg Superman uses his Cyber Corps to open a boom tube over Metropolis, and Lois reveals that he is not who he seems. Henshaw, who betrayed Darkseid, then launches the Watchtower into orbit and causes the destruction of the Excalibur space shuttle. Despite the defeat of the Eradicator, Lois manages to bring Superman back to life and restore him.

Cyborg Superman is a clone of the original Superman. When the original Superman is taken to the Fortress of Solitude to recuperate, Lex introduces the new Superman at a press conference. Lois sneaks into the lab and learns that the new Superman is actually a clone of him. Later, he meets Lois and Steel, who try to convince her that he is not fake.

Cyborg Superman is angry with the Justice League for not declaring Superboy to be a true Superman. He forces him to work as a security detail for the President. This results in the destruction of much of the Justice League. The Justice League are then declared dead, but Cyborg Superman rescues the president and announces himself as the true Superman. Lois discovers that Cyborg Superman is the clone of a dead astronaut, Hank Henshaw. When Superman finds out that he’s the true Superman, he blames him for not saving him.

However, it is a great animated movie by DC comics. I am sure you have watched it if you are a DC fan or fan of Superman. The movie has a good score and reviews. At the same time, the story and animation quality are amazing as well. Besides, the cast who gave their voice in this movie have done their best that you can see if you watch the movie.

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