Instagram Profile Picture Practices To Follow In 2023

Instagram is an amazing way to showcase life moments with everyone along with getting an insight into others life. Instagram has helped everyone come closer and know each other better. Instagram profiles are something people love to maintain, but what if the introductory note is not satisfactory or up to the mark? We are referring to your Instagram profile picture. It becomes very important for users to put up a perfect profile picture on Instagram which would help others identify their account and also leave a good first impression. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and keep your Instagram profile picture looking fresh in 2023, here are some practices to follow:

  1. Keep your face or brand picture as the profile photo: Instagram profile pictures should always be your own picture or your brand logo. This helps you find your account and also helps other people connect to you. Moreover this looks professional as well. This helps your profile stand out from the impersonating ones. Use an HD image of yourself or your brand logo. Make sure you use a picture with yourself in the center due to orientation and cropping of important details. Moreover focus on your face and do not use a full body picture as it will not be clear in that small circle.
  1. Watch out on the size: It is very important to follow the image size guide as Instagram profile pictures are displayed in a small circular thumbnail. Having the perfect size of profile picture makes your photo fit nicely in that circle and be clearly visible as well. The standard size of Instagram profile pictures is 110 x 100px. In case you wish to view someone’s profile picture in its original size and resolution, you can use an Instagram profile picture viewer and downloader, Instazoom.
  1. Use a photo that you do not need to change frequently: A key rule to follow while choosing a profile picture for yourself is to choose a picture that is evergreen and you would not have to change. Choose a picture that is professional and fun at the same time and goes for all purposes. It is not possible to update profile pictures every now and then. Moreover people identify our accounts looking at our profile picture hence we need to have a constant profile picture at times, so make sure you choose one that can make a long run.
  1. Try out new filters: Filters are the best way to enhance and elevate any picture instantly. You can try fun filters to improve the quality, lightning and clarity of your profile picture. Use different filters to align your profile picture with the theme of your profile to make it look good.
  1. Go for avatars on Instagram: The latest feature added to Instagram is the Instagram avatar. Avatars are animated versions of you. Along with a perfect profile picture you should also place an avatar of yourself. Avatar works as a personalized sticker in conversations, stories etc. to create an avatar, open your profile and tap edit profile option, now choose create avatar option and create your avatar. This avatar appears alongside your profile picture in a flip button format.

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