How To Withdraw 789BET Fastest For Beginners

Withdrawal 789BET is the way people withdraw their betting results to their personal accounts. However, not everyone knows how to withdraw money both quickly and safely. In the following article, Nhà cái 789Bets will help people answer these questions.

1.Safe 789BET withdrawal methods

Currently, with the development of technology, there are many safe and fast ways to withdraw money at 789 BET. Here is one of the most popular methods used by many people

Safe withdrawal methods 789BET

1.1 Withdraw 789BET to your bank account

This is the way that everyone uses because of its convenience. When making a withdrawal, the steps are also very quick. Players only need to withdraw money and choose the withdrawal method as a bank account. Next, the player correctly fills in the information related to that bank account such as the account name, that bank branch, the bank account number – check the account name again. Finally enter the amount you want to withdraw and complete.

According to the 789BET withdrawal rules, the minimum amount a player can withdraw is not less than 200k. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn in one time is not more than 200 million VND.

A player can only withdraw up to 5 times with no fee per day, from the 6th time onwards will lose 2% of the fee for 1 withdrawal. Therefore, when making a withdrawal at 789BETS, you should note this.

1.2 Withdraw money via 789BET link to linked e-wallet

With the current development of e-wallets, there are many people who choose this way to deposit and withdraw 789BET. When making a withdrawal through an e-wallet, the player will receive a confirmation from the house about the withdrawal to the wallet via the phone number. The phone number of the linked e-wallet must match the phone number registered for the account to be able to withdraw. This is to ensure the safety of everyone’s gaming account.

Withdraw 789BET Fastest For Beginners

1.3 Withdraw money by using game account to buy phone scratch cards

This is a manual withdrawal method and is also rarely used. The reason is that currently, few people use phone cards to top up, instead, they recharge directly through their bank accounts. However, there are still members who want to withdraw 789BET through this form, so it is still maintained by the house.

When making a withdrawal by this method, the player will choose to withdraw money via phone card, select the appropriate amount, select the network operator who wants to buy the card (Viettel, Mobi, …). A small note is that with this withdrawal method, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 100k and the maximum can only be withdrawn 500k for each withdrawal.

Fastest For Beginners

2.Withdrawal operations at 789BETS

When making a 789BET withdrawal, players need to follow the steps outlined below.

Withdrawal operations at 789BETS

Step 1: Select the reputable 789BET link then log in with your account. On the home page of the house, there is a withdrawal option.

Step 2: Fill in the necessary information related to the withdrawal. Depending on the different withdrawal method and the required information will be different.

Step 3: Check all the information entered, after seeing it correctly, press complete. Then enter the OTP code that 789BET withdraws to send to your phone number and enter and press confirm.

Note: The time for the house to refund to the account will take from 5-10 minutes. In case the player does not receive the money after this time, the player needs to check again.

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3.When withdrawing money at 789 BET, do you need to pay attention to anything?

The house has its own deposit and withdrawal rules that every player needs to comply with.

When withdrawing money at 789 BET is there anything to note?

Players can only withdraw money when there are transactions, playing games before at least 30 days. This is to ensure the maintenance of the house’s player base.

Always make sure the minimum withdrawal amount is not less than 200k.

In a day, a player cannot withdraw 789BET more than 10 times.

Players need to save images of successful transactions to avoid an error in the account that prevents money from returning to the account as desired. And usually, if the withdrawal operation fails, the error amount will be refunded to the gaming account within 24 hours.

Players should only use 1-2 devices to log in to withdraw money, in case using too many devices to withdraw money will make the house suspect that person may be cheating. From there, freeze the person’s account.

Above is the entire share of 789BET withdrawal, hopefully with the above sharing, the player’s withdrawal will be done faster. At the same time, information related to withdrawals is also better understood. Players will comply and make withdrawals more successful.

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