How to structure a productive study routine?

On our daily routine study is given the utmost priority. The study routine is framed in such a way that every subject is given a specific time. A well-structured routine is formed but one has to know if it is productive or not. On following a particular study routine if a learner is achieving good results then the routine is set to be productive. On the other hand, if a learner is not getting better results and the outcome of the study routine is declining day by day then the routine is not a productive one. In this article, we will throw some light on how to structure a productive study routine.

In addition to creating a productive study routine, it’s essential to understand a student’s unique learning needs and potential. Gifted Assessments Calgary offers comprehensive evaluations that can identify areas of strength and potential in a child, helping parents and educators tailor learning experiences that will maximize the student’s academic success. By catering to individual learning styles and abilities, students can develop effective study habits that yield long-lasting results.

Design as per learning style

Each one of us has a different and unique learning style and techniques. The lessons and concepts that one learns might be the same but the learning style may vary. As per the learning style, some are auditory learners, some are visual learners and some are kinesthetic learners. A learner will know which learning style he has adapted and the study must be designed in that way to be a productive learner. To design productive learning every learner must know which learning style suits better.

Set study goals

Goal setting is the vital element of a productive routine. Setting up goals for studying increases productivity and encourages the learner to study more. Goal setting is like a motivating tool for studies. The goals can be smaller or bigger ones. One can set smaller goals like completing class 9 ncert solutions for a particular subject in that week. Bigger goals can be of cracking the competitive exam by the end of the academic year. Goal setting brings discipline and also the learner feels curious to learn more. One can also set goals for sports and other extracurricular activities when the study goals are accomplished.

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Know where you stand

Every student is different from one another. All are not good at everything. Few students may be good at math and few are better at other subjects. One must know his strengths and weaknesses in his studies. The one the learner is good at need not require much time from daily study routine but the subject in which the learner faces difficulties must be given more attention. One must try to spend more time on these areas and try various different study techniques to improvise those areas. Knowing the areas that need improvement is mandatory for every student. On the other hand, when focusing, on weak things the good subject must not be over shadowed.

Make homework  a habit

Homework is the key to success in studies. One must cultivate the habit of doing homework on daily basis. Completing the homework is the first and mandatory task that must be done as soon as when comes from school or college. In the absence of homework, one can indulge himself in practising other questions from various books such as ncert solution of science class 9 and reference books. One hour of everyday study routine must be dedicated to homework to be productive in studies. One must also read and revise the concept taught on that particular day to excel in academics. This habit helps in overall skill development such as reading, writing, enhances the vocabulary and also communication skills.

Take regular breaks

Any study at a stretch without a break is not a good practice of study.  Studying repeatedly with a short break in between enhances the study routine and increases productivity.  Splitting up the long and hectic schedule into manageable chunks keeps the mind and body focused. One can take a break after every 45 minutes to one hour of study to feel relaxed. The break can be 5-10 minutes. During this break one, can just take a power nap, hang in the garden, have some fresh air, listen to music or just sit and meditate for a while. The brain gets relaxed and this method engages the mind.

A structured and productive routine can be framed by keeping in mind these vital points. Any study routine is a failure if one does not a fruitful results in the end. One must strictly stick to a proper study routine in order to achieve good grades and aim high at studies.

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