How can SharePoint be used for the Benefit of your Business?

SharePoint may have been around for a number of years now, but there are still many businesses out there who are not using the kind of modernized solutions that SharePoint is known for. Thanks to the advancements in cloud computing, businesses no longer need to rely on old, legacy systems to organise and manage their company files. We discussed this with TechQuarters, a company that has been providing managed IT services London based companies have used for years, and those services often involved SharePoint migrations. When we asked them, TechQuarters gave us many great examples of how SharePoint Online can be used by businesses.

What is SharePoint?

If you’re unaware, Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based file management platform, which was one of the earliest cloud-based products that Microsoft ever launched. It is a highly configurable platform that can provide a number of benefits to an organisation. According to TechQuarters, who use it themselves, it is an essential solution for any business that uses Microsoft 365 (of which SharePoint is a part).

SharePoint works using sites. A site can be created for different purposes, and a company can add different users to different sites – for example, sites can be used for departments and teams as a shared workspace.

SharePoint is especially good at bringing workforces together, which is an especially important in a post-Covid world, where many businesses are embracing remote and hybrid working. TechQuarters, who have been providing IT support in Sheffield and other UK towns and cities for many years, reiterated that SharePoint plays a significant role in their organisation – as all of their workforce are remote, SharePoint is used to connect staff.

Below some more uses and benefits of the platform for businesses…

  • Better Data Management

One of the primary uses for SharePoint is for file management. The modern office worker has a lot of data that they need to deal with, and therefore have a comprehensive file management system is important. Many people keep their files organised on their device desktop, or in another location on their local drive – but that isn’t much use when the individual is away from their device. The benefit of SharePoint is that a reliable file management system can be set up, and because it is in the cloud, it can be accessed by anyone.

  • Streamline Business Processes

What an average day at any given business can vary quite significantly, because there are so many different tasks and processes that need to be carried out each day, and many different ways in which those tasks and processes can be completed. It is important for a business to establish reliable workflows; which is exactly what SharePoint is used for by many organisations. For instance, SharePoint can be used to streamline the process of seeking document approval, or requesting feedback on an item. SharePoint actually contains various template workflows that can be setup within a site, meaning organisations can access more efficient workflows almost instantly when they start using SharePoint.

  • Better Compliance and Security

There are many different sectors in which organisations must adhere to specific regulations – such as healthcare, finance, and law, to name a few. Almost all sectors like this contain guidelines for file control – meaning an organisation needs to be careful about storing and sharing documents and other types of files that contain sensitive information. SharePoint has many effective ways to keep an organisation compliant with document control regulations. For example, it can be configured so that only certain users have access to certain files or sites; it can also be configured to restrict files from being shared outside of the organisation’s authorised channels. Data access controls are useful for any business, regardless of their sector’s regulations, because it also ensures they have a more robust security baseline.

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